Current situation needs and the most important global issue

11/22/2022 | By kishankachchhi
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Discussing energy substitutes and composing a sustainable energy usage system is its topmost priority currently, apart from other global issues. Most importantly, addressing the issue of global warming and climate change is the broad spectrum of global impact. 

This clarifies that renewables and other green energy are a good method of contributing to bringing a substantial change in the method of energy consumption and distribution. This could address the issue partly!

Another topic that needs to be paid equal attention to is waste management and material involvement in manufacturing and consumption or greener methods of manufacturing. It is equally important to inspect waste dispatch and the material used in day to day life of businesses and the public in general. 

There is a segment of people constantly trying to innovate new methods of greener energy generation and distribution among people, but it is important to realize that the actual issue of climate change includes many other broad aspects apart from renewables. 

Conducting different experiments is important for achieving a solution to the problem. Realizing what material is used to conduct some activities is equally important. It is like no damage from the result but the process itself. Revising the chemicals and harmful materials in place is the initial step before taking a jump into a green solution. Our start-up could be a percentile of it!

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