Personalized and business rich cards available 24x7.

Designed to carry maximum details of your business, personal, contact and social profiles. Accessible with elite design and organized sections. Optimized speed to perform well for your networking and intros. Put your content with curated designs.

Most helpful for people in following profession

  • Engineer
  • Architect
  • Technician
  • Artist
  • Journalist
  • Pharmacist
  • Businessperson
  • Secretary
  • Consultant
  • Photographer
  • Social Worker
  • Many more...

Scan with a normal QR camera to share contact and get connected.

QR Codes are the most efficient way of sharing information digitally and physically. At the time of an event, networks are mostly crowded or connectivity can be the barrier. But we have a handy solution with the byvisit app. Scan and Save to contact directly. As QR Codes are made of your card contact details as vcf(Virtual card format). Get into the phonebook of anyone in seconds wherever you want. Share your card link to anybody to save you, even with card privacy without sharing your card PIN.

Branding your business card

Customizing business cards with byvisit is simple and seamless. You can have your preferred themes and colors. To represent yourself, make your brand more recognizable with your card background that elaborate the nature of your business well. To make sure the texts are visible clearly, try the light or dark mode of your card theme.

Your business content gets you the actual business.

Every business pursues unique facilities, products and services. Customer only will be your prospect based on your business story, detailed product catalogs and manifesto of your organization. Share as a brochure on the card. It is easy to share your team and infrastructure with a gallery directly from your digital business card.

We ensure your digital card privacy

Hosted contact cards don't mean to let anyone access. We recommend enabling your card privacy that makes your card invisible to the public. If 6 Digit PIN with human verification is not enough you have always an option to upgrade to make your contact details private. With private contact people can request and introduce themselves to have your contact in-person to your card inbox of mobile app.

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