How to stand out from the general crowd while networking

11/22/2022 | By kishankachchhi
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When you are in a business, you need to network, however, not all of us are masters of this skill. For many of us and especially for introverts, networking could be a nightmare and extremely uncomfortable.

I won’t give you an encyclopedia of ways to network. It’s easy to talk with a person who is a smooth talker and can roll with any subject you present. Those people are your luck, which makes you feel you had a very great conversation from your end.

The simplest method of networking well is to assume that others will like you. Many of us don’t even talk about a business completely because of having a fear of somebody’s tendency to reject a particular part. The funny thing is, you did not realize that rejection happens due to nervousness and inconsistency in your way of communicating.

People are interested in your confidence to speak about the issue vs you having a solution to that issue.

Show enthusiasm, show passion, and speak to an introvert because they have something stored in them but they don’t take the initiative to network. Include them, including shy people. Be so confident that you don’t have to calculate whom to network with.

If you want to stand out, play networking as a contact sport. Get all the contacts, all of them! Fight! Your success in networking solely depends on how many contacts you have to play with and that’s a start. 

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