Thanks to the QR codes for making lives easy and faster to interact physically with the digital medium in seconds.

11/22/2022 | By kishankachchhi
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QR code is amazing, I love QR code and want to badly implement it in whatever business we carry. We are happy to provide a personalized QR code to our customers on, so they could easily scan it and view the digital card they prefer.

The idea of QR code scanning and sharing is superb in itself. How boring the world would be if you and I wrote down all our details in a register with a pen. An even more surprising scenario is that the registrar has to maintain those registers every day and there is a special employee for it.

I agree that millions of stores have already put QR code scanning systems on their sites, but there are still some hotels and motels in many places doing their lovely traditional business.

When I started using QR codes in many activities, I felt so lucky to have a QR Code. I still remember there was a huge queue in the cinema for booking physical chit-like tickets, and I saw there was a QR code generator booth. I checked out following the prompts and received a QR code for the movie I wanted to watch. The best part is, I just went to the booking counter and an assistant just scanned my phone with her special gun and I went in before 35 to 40 people waiting in the queue and all of a sudden they got jealous.

Hahahaha! I mean I told some of them that they could have done the same, but as I mentioned, they so much love the traditional habitual style of booking tickets.

Giving a try to different technologies is not a risk. It is quite an exploration. Constant improvisation in QR code technology for reducing huge waiting periods and immediate data transfers is what we should strive for.

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